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CAD at Môn3d

Here at Mon3d We have a full licence of Solidworks Premium along with an expert user for all your product design needs. Solidworks is an industry leading design CAD package and used within many industries as standard. With this and our general 3d modelling expertise, there is not much we cannot draw up.

What We Offer

We can provide you with a digital 3d modelling service for all your visualisation needs. We can create high quality accurate models from a variety of sources. Concept drawings, plans, laser scan data, photography and/or film or even a few scribbles on paper from an idea you may have. We can bring it to life as stills or animation.

Computer aided design used to be a very expensive process and limited to large companies. Môn3d is a licenced user of Solidworks Premium edition and capable of producing sophisticated 3d model that can be used to take your product design to the next level. We can use our software to test your products and iron out any problems prior to the prototype stage. And then use our models to take it to 3d print.

Illustration is an important part of any concept design and can be a economical way of taking your ideas to the next level. Using our skills we can provide you with the concepts drawings your ideas need in order to present them in a professional manner. These can be a series of printed images or using original drawing in pencil on paper. Give your ideas the edge that they deserve.
We can provide high end digital imagery and photography that can be used to enhance our existing services. We have the equipment and capability to provided this as a supporting service to all our other 3d digital visualisation services.
From concept to 3d digital model to 3d print to mould to casting run in many different materials. We can provide a one stop shop for producing bespoke sculptures, either organic forms or structural sculptures. Casting runs from 5 to 500 are possible. This is an ideal way of getting your sculptural idea manufactured and ready for the real world. Bespoke working door handles to organic sculptural forms for decoration. This service is great for home and interior designers who are after that unique touch.

Below are 4 images, first is an original and authentic old military cap badge, digitally scanned and then 3d metal printed in brass. This took a couple of days to process and a few weeks to get the metal 3d print, which has to be outsourced. All our  ‘metal’ printing is outsourced.

3d model to physical product

Our Work Flow

Imagery or Sketches

Starting with images, concepts and design ideas can be sketched out to help the design process move on to the 3d modelling or CAD work

3d Models/CAD Design

CAD design and or 3d modelling from the drawings is the next step. From the models its far easier to see where there may be possible improvements made or simply making sure the ideas work as a structure.

3D printing

When evrything is worked out digitally, this is where we can take it into the physical world to get a true handle on the object in question, if its not to large, We can print it out and create a physical 3d model.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are always happy to chat about a project, and always open to working with outr clients. No project is ever the same. The processes may be similar, but end results vary greatly. 
Being open and honest, we feel, is always the best way forward and we dont charge for our time over the phone, so dont feel intimidated. If you have an idea, we can help, if you need a part, we can help, A quick call can put you on the right path.

What kind of clients do you work with?

Our clients range from professional makers to someoen who just needs a part, otherwise unavailable. An example is a simple nylon washer, that the client needed sooner than he could order one in.

What is your turn around time?

This ranges depending on the project, but can be as little as a day, from drawing something up to 3d printing.

Does it cost a lot.

Everybodies time costs, and sadly we are no different, we always try to accomodate budgets where possible, but we can work by the hour or by the day.

Don't Be Shy

Drop us a line anytime, we will be happy to discuss your project free of charge.