3D Modelling

Computer 3d modelling can be used to create a high resolution 3d model for use in many areas of industry. We can create highly accurate architectural models from plans or laser scans, mechanical designs or an organic model from concept drawings or photographs. Model scale can be from the microscopic to full landscapes.

Mon3d High Quality digital 3d modelling and animation.

House interior

Architectural 3d Modelling

Architectural 3d modelling, visualisation and building information modelling (BIM) is fast becoming the norm in architectural and engineering works. Used for planning building schedules, public consultations and planning applications are just a few instances where 3d architectural modelling can be a real benefit. All our modelling, where appropriate, is carried out from plans and real world information, so that what you receive is the most accurate 3d model possible. Heritage buildings can also be recorded using these methods.
Newborough remobilisation works

Landscape modelling

Landscape modelling can form the basis for many architectural models. Accurate 3d landscape models can be translated into many formats and ideal for use in Global information systems (GIS) All our landscape modelling is geo referenced to Ordnance survey Grid. We can use of the shelf data or survey the area ourselves using the latest in drone technology and GPS systems. Resolution and accuracies fall with the cm level. We also use laser scanners where appropriate. Models can be built with high levels of realism ideal for visualisations and presentations.


Sculptural Modelling

High level 3d sculptural modelling is the more artistic form of digital 3d modelling, anything can be modelled. A high level of skill is needed. Its sculpture using the computer as a form of digital clay. Models can be used in visualisation, animations, games, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) applications. They are accurate representations of existing physical sculptures, captured via laser scanner  to mass produce by 3d printing or casting. We have the skills and technology to help you digitise any sculptural form, large or small.
If you know nothing about 3d digital modelling but want to know more about the possibilities, we can help, please don’t hesitate to get in touch so we can provide you with information you may need in order for your project to move forward. Its not as expensive as one may have thought. If you know plenty about 3d digital modelling and want to use our services, just get in touch, as we will be able to help. TO view some of our 3d models in an interactive website, please visit our sketchfab page here
Directly below are four interactive windows, click on the ‘play’ arrow and depending on your internet speed, the models will load up and you can spin, zoom and move the models to inspect them.

Mini Gallery

Our Work Flow

You have a project, give us a call

So you have a specific project and would like someone to carry out the work, no problem, we can work with you, directed by you. If you have an idea, that could be for a marketing campaign, an advertisement or a set of images. We can work with you and produce your vision!

Our Equipment

We have an extensive array of equipment, and we know how to use it, Laser scanning, aerial film/photography ( CAA registered since 2013 and fully insured) 4k 42MP cameras, motorised sliders and sound equipment. If you want to make use of it, then that can be arranged, and we will act simply as consultants to the equipment.

Post Production

We have many years of post production expertise behind us, Photoshop (nearly 20 years) Premiere (15 years) 3d studio max or 3d modelling (15 years) after effects (10 years) along with other subsidiary software for all your post processing needs, So if its simply some post work that you need, then we can cope with that. Get in touch, we would be happy to discuss your needs.

Don't Be Shy

Drop us a line anytime, we will be happy to discuss your project free of charge.