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Mon3D Designs - 3d Modelling - Laser Engraving - CNC - 3d Printing.

Mon3D  Designs- With over 20 years of 3d modelling and illustration experience. Mon3d Designs specialises in creating and making using the latest digitally based hardware. CNC work, Laser engraving and cutting and 3d printing. WE can provide these services for the craft and makers sector and we also produce finished items for sale.

Mon3D - Film, Photography & Illustration, Anglesey, North wales

Film and Photography, Anglesey, North wales
We are so lucky to be based on the lovely Island of Anglesey, North Wales. We are surrounded by views that can only inspire a creative mind. For Film and photography its an idyllic venue to create awesome imagery. Read on to find out more.

Mon3D - Film, Photography & Illustration, Anglesey, North wales

3D Modelling, Anglesey, North wales
Digital 3d imagery and modelling is the process of creating a three dimensional object that represents something that is real, going to be real or something fictitious. It can be manipulated in 3d space, can be used in an animation or simply rendered out as a 2d image. Your imagination is the only limitation. Mon3d can help you create your vision with 2d imagery and 3d imagery and bring it to life as an image, animation or 3d print.

Mon3D - Film, Photography & Illustration, Anglesey, North wales

Illustration, Anglesey, North wales.
An illustration can provide an image completely bespoke to your needs, drawn on paper or digitally, we can tailor the style, colour palette and mood specifically to your specifications. We can work from a very strict or very loose brief and discuss the progress closely with you so that you get exactly what you want. OR, you can rely on our artistic capabilities and personal style to come up with something very original and exiting to look at.

Mon3D – 3D Modelling-Laser Engraving-CNC-3D Printing Anglesey, North wales

An artist and creator using the latest software and digital hardware producing product and providing a service to the makers, artists and crafters of Wales. Many years experience in Adobe photoshop and Illustrator as well as modelling in 3d studio max and zbrush, using Lightburn and fusion 360 and Vcarve pro. There is not much we cannot do when it comes to digital hardware.

Mon 3d  Designs can provide high end 3D modelling services. With over 20 years experience in modelling using the latest 3d digital technology and traditional media. Many of our 3d models now, can go onto being recreated using high end digital 3d printing. We also provide 3d modelling services for the visualisation sectors, from small set props to whole landscapes.

We are reletavely new to the CNC market but we are learning fast. We dont yet provide true engineering grade CNC work, but we can cater for the arts and craft sector. Our CNC machine is 67cm by 1004cm working area. We are willing to look at any work and give you our assesment of how we can carry it out.
The CNC is part of our well equipped workshop.

We have recently taken ownership of a high end laser cutting and engraving machine from HPC. Our machine is a 6840, with a working bed of 68 cm by 40 cm and a 60 watt laser, being able to cut up to 8mm ply in one pass. We use lightburn software which is backed up with many of our 3d and 2d software solutions. Adobe Illustrator, Fusion 360 and autocad, as well as raster based software.

We have been 3d printing for a number of years now, Outsourcing much of our work to companies who use the very latest in 3d printing technology. We also have an FDM printer in house capable of printing at a high resolution and with a large build volume 40cm by 22cm by 22cm. We also use a well known 3r party for printing all our metal sculptures, examples can be seen on our 3d printing page.

Mon3d’s Work Flow

Phone call

Initially, a phone call to Mon3d is enough to get the ball rolling on a project, deciding whether we can be meet budgets and time frames, this is usually followed up by a more in depth meeting to discuss project details. Tea and biscuits available.


Over the agreed timetable, assets will be created and signed off by the client at set times. Any alterations can be done and any design issues resolved. A Draft of the final media is also decided upon.


The project is delivered pre deadline in a format previously agreed relevant to the platform that it will be displayed on.

Mon3D – Film, Photography & Illustration Anglesey, North wales

Mon3D – Film, Photography & Illustration Anglesey, North wales FAQ

Know doubt, there are many of you out there, who have your own ideas as to what you want and why you want it. Your just not sure how to go about achieving your vision. This is where Mon3d can help. We have nearly 20 years of experience in the field of digital imagery,  3d modelling and visualisation. We have worked with architects, planners, engineers and designers.

Mon3d has produced 3d models ranging from ornamental flying fish to 3d models of a large building complex. We have produced animations for many nationally recognised organisations as well as many small private clients. We can do the small jobs and the large jobs from initial consultations to final delivery in a format that suits you and your needs.

What kind of clients do you work with?
We have worked with the National Trust, National Resources Wales, Universities, local councils, Church in Wales and many large and small private organisations.
What is your turn around time?
Turn around time depends largely on the project, but imagery photography and film can be turned around in as little as a day. Some animation work has been done over a period of months. This largely depends on what you need, but we wont cut corners, creativity does take a little time.
What will it cost?
Again this largely depends on the project. Our work is so varied that we try and price up each project separately. If you have a certain budget, then we usually can tailor the work to suite.

Mon3D – Film, Photography & Illustration Anglesey, North wales

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