Film & Photography

Digital Film, Photography & Imagery Retouching

An Anglesey, North Wales based Digital Film, Photography & Imagery retouching service, which has been an integral part of our work for over 15 years. Creating photographs for texturing our models and creating backgrounds for presentation needs.  We have years of experience dealing with digital film & photography and photo manipulation and retouching. Why not get us to capture that establishing shot or  film sequence for your project. We also have an extensive library of stock footage of the rugged but beautiful Welsh  coastline.

Mon3d – Digital Film, Photography & Certified  Aerial photographer.


Product Photography

Our product digital film & photography service will provide you with high quality imagery for print or web based platform. We can design and build sets and props and also light it to specifically show the subject at its best.

Landscape Photography

Our Landscape digital film & photography services can provide you with those luxury backdrops  for your marketing needs. We happen to be located in one of the most scenic areas of Wales, so why not use that to show off your service.

Abstract Photography

Our abstract digital film & photography can provide those unique images that sets your product apart from the competition. Illustration trained, I can build an image using many forms of media, including drawn, photographed, text and materials.

Digital film & Photography Retouching.

With 20 years photoshop experience we can help you improve, manipulate and edit your imagery for all your marketing needs. Experienced in 3d modelling and CGI, we can create practically anything and composite many layers together.


Product or still life, landscape or architectural photography, done well, is a great way to show off your product, building or environment at its best. Used in brochures, magazines, online  or catalogues. When you have a product to sell, or a service to promote it pays to use quality, bespoke imagery. The lighting and quality of the image is crucial. We can create environments to show your product in context or with a simple clean backdrop. We create the props and setup exactly to your specification. We can visit a site and capture working environments, as well  as professional portraits of you, in your work place. We can also advise, if needed, and help you get the image that reflects your professional needs. For each high quality Image, we can also create various sizes optimised for different media destinations, large and small print and web.


High quality photographic and video production is fast becoming the norm for  companies to advertise  services and/or products. Youtube, vimeo, facebook, twitter and Instagram are great platforms to show off your company using film or still imagery. this can off course be done using mobile technology, phones have pretty good cameras these days. But, if you need the quality to show off your services/products to their best, then getting the right people involved may just push you further than the competition.

As well as traditional ground based digital film and photography, Mon 3d are licenced with the Civil Aviation authority to carry out commercial aerial film and photography services. We use the latest in camera technology, with only the best lenses. Our ground based camera is a sony a7rii, capable of 4k 4:4:2 video and 42MP still imagery. Please visit Mon3d’d youtube channel here to view more of our video work.









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