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Mon3d - Illustration, Film & Photography, Anglesey, North Wales

Mon3d – Illustration, Film & Photography, Anglesey, North Wales
Trained to degree standard illustration and design, we can provide you with quality hand drawn/painted illustrations and design to your specific brief. Our work can be very traditional and created directly on high quality paper, or with over 15 years experience, we can create them digitally for  print, publication or web.

Mon3d – Illustration, Film & Photography, Anglesey, North Wales

Below is a small sample of illustrations I have created over the last few years, some were personal projects while other were commissioned. I normally work directly on a computer using a tablet  to draw and paint. Degree trained in Illustration and design, it wasnt long before I started creating 3d illustrations and models, having traditional skills as a scultor in wood and clay, it was a natural progression. Over the last 15+ years I have created models of fairies, goblins, horses, fish, landscapes building and whole towns. An image can portray so much more than words.

Mon3D Film, Photography & Illustration Anglesey, North wales can be an ideal solution to your 2d and 3d digital imagery needs, so why not drop us a line, we will be happy to discuss your projects needs.

I am a strong believer in sketchbook work, having it drilled into me when I was doing my degree, by some of the best tutors around. They were very strong believers in the art of drawing and observation. I think that some of my best work was unfinished sketchbook work, the reason, its quite simple, you are not so precious with your work, and things flow much easier. Its takes a long time to become confident in your work, that you dont let it dictate to you. below is some photographs and scans of a cross section of my sketchbook work over the past few years.

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